Therapeutic  Coaching/Counselling
Spiritual Direction

Welcome to Humanwise.  

Humanwise provides psycho-social, developmental support through Therapeutic Coaching/Counselling, Psychotherapy and Sports Psychotherapy. I aim to promote emotional health and wellbeing, personal change/growth and holistic wellbeing leading to human flourishing and balance.

Humanwise also offers Spiritual Care through Spiritual Accompaniment or Soul Friendship, which historically was called Spiritual Direction. Working within a Christian Ecumenical Network, and following the guidelines of the Retreats Association-read more about this on the relevant tab.

​I'm a caring, independent, professional practitioner, based in Cumbria, on the edge of the Lake District. I work with adults whose current flourishing may be being hindered by unhelpful childhood beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behavioural patterns.​ I work with the whole person: physical, emotional, cognitive, volitional, spiritual and social. I understand humans to be relational at the core of their being, and therefore intrinsically valuable. I will accompany you as you seek to leave the past behind, live fully alive in the present, living authentic lives with hope for the future.


Change is always possible even if you can’t see how. It just takes a step of courage to start the journey.

What I Specialize In

 Therapeutic Coaching

Sports Psychotherapy

Spiritual Care

Just take the first step

Deciding to reach out and start a journey in psychotherapy, or coaching is a courageous and perhaps daunting step to take. You may feel like you do not know where you are going or where it will end, you may just know that life is not working so well and you need to change, even though you may not know how. 


Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Coaching are learning processes that help you to discover more about who you are,  you will gain insight into what has shaped you and made you the person you are today. 


With this self-awareness and insight, you can move forward in life, make more balanced choices and wise decisions for your future. You will learn new skills that will help you manage life more effectively so that you can live healthier, fulfilling lives in line with the things you most value.


Here's how to get started and make an initial consultation:

Step One:


Make contact with me via the contact page.

Let me know what support you are looking for and when you are available for a free initial discovery/clarity call meeting.

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Step Two:

Initial Consultation

We will meet for an initial consultation so that I can find out more about your needs and the issues you are facing and you can find out more about me and the therapeutic relationship. 

The aim of this meeting is to see if we mutually agree that we can work together. If we can then we will agree on an initial number of sessions, diary those and clarify payment terms and conditions.

The fee for this initial consultation is £45, which is paid in advance by bank transfer.

Step Three:

Let's Get Going

Sessions will take place weekly, preferably on the same time day and time.

Currently all sessions are taking place online due to the restrictions of Covid 19 and will use MS Teams or Zoom.

Further sessions can be arranged at the end of an agreed set.

My fees vary depending on daytime or evening appointments and your personal income bracket. Range £50-£90


I do offer some availability for a lower cost service for those on an evidenced income of less than £25,000, at a sessional fee of £40